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Womens Self Defense

bullysuit.jpgUnlike many traditional systems, the BKK course outline is structured to provide females with a unique system of combat that focuses on strategy over strength. Self Defense is not sport: There are no equal match up's and no referee. Training the mind & body should be attuned to this harsh reality! That reality is reflected in the BKK womens self defense programs.

We often host specific Womens Self Defense Seminars and workshops, allowing women within and outside of Budo Kenkyukai to learn specific, achievable, and invaluable self defense techniques.

The Women’s Self Defense Syllabus is less focused on “traditional martial arts” and are taught in plain clothes using simple terminology to prepare women for situations including assault and home invasions.

By overcoming misconceptions of size, weakness or vulnerability, Sensei Jill Sneddon equips students with the confidence and techniques to defend themselves, using realistic scenarios and environments (car parks, street, home) and improvised weapons (car keys, handbags, etc).

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