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Drill Demonstrations


Demonstrations of the 2017 drill revisions have been posted below for playing online or download.


You will need the username and password found on the back of your membership card to access the drills on this page.


Please remember to always consult your Student Manual (Student Resources -> Important Documents) for the latest on drill and grading requirements.


Belt Tying


Striking Drill #1 - White to Yellow Belt: Punching Skills


Striking Drill #2 - Yellow to Orange Belt: Elbow / Knee Skills


Striking Drill #3 - Orange to Red Belt: Punch / Front Kick Skills


Striking Drill #4 - Red to Green Belt: Block / Punch / Round Kick


Striking Drill #5 - Green to Blue Belt: Punch / Spinning Strikes


Striking Drill #6 - Blue to Purple Belt: Composite Drill


Striking Drill #7 - Purple to Purple Belt with Black Tip: Advanced Elbow Striking


Striking Drills #1-10 - Left Hand Side


Breakfalls Drill #1


Breakfalls Drill #2


Outside Leg Sweep


Inside Foot Sweep


Hip Throw

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