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Ron Jennings Ron Jennings, Hanshi.

A compassionate man of exrtaordinary knowledge, Ron is a valuable collaborator in the development of BKK's mission, bringing to the table over forty years of experience in martial arts.

Delving into Judo as early as 1958 at the "Kano Judo Club" on what is now Broadway, moving onto Joe Meissner's Karate School and eventually Nippon Kempo under Sensei Noel Flynn. It was in 1962 when Ron encouraged a friend by the name of Tom Slaven to take up training. This advice would see Tom develop Kempo Karate Do and eventually Zen Chi Ryu, with Ron serving in an advisory position until his resignation in 2005.

Jill Sneddon Jill Sneddon, Sensei. Wilton Dojo.

Jill's introduction to martial arts was in 1986 when she enrolled her two children in Tom Slaven's class at Kingswood NSW. Recognising the potential in his art, she wasted no time in signing up herself. Over the years Jill has sought instruction from some the world's most reknowned Instructors such as Chai Sirisute, Tony Blauer, Tom Sotis and Richard Dimitri. She currently conducts classes at Wilton NSW and regularly fills the floor when conducting Female Self Defence Workshops. By the way, those two children would go on to earn themselves Ni Dan and be joined by a third child who at 6 years old has decided he's the teacher.

Ray Grech Ray Grech, Sensei.

First intrduced to martial arts in 1975 in the form of Goshin Ryu, with a brief spell in Tae Kwon Do a few years later. Attained the rank of San Dan in Zen Chi Ryu before joining BKK in 2004. A bloke who defines the word tough, continues to produce black belts of the highest calibre at his Dojo in Bringelly NSW.

Scott Hayward Scott Hayward, Sensei. Baulkham Hills Dojo.

Joined a local Goju Kai Dojo in 1983 before switching to Zen Chi Ryu in 1990, where he would go on to earn himself San Dan in 2003. Granted application to BKK in 2005 and has brought with him a wealth of knowledge and talent that has proven invaluable to his students at Baulkham Hills NSW.

Trevor Fuller

Trevor Fuller, Sensei. Bungendore Dojo.

A veteran of over twenty years martial arts experience combined with service in the Australian Armed Forces. Trevor is a valuable member of TEAM BUDO as he demonstrates strength and courage in his technique, balanced with a humble & honest personality.

Leigh Klintworth Leigh Klintworth, Sensei.

A protege of Rob Fowler Shihan, began his training in 1991 and joined BKK with Scott Hayward in 2005. Riding high from his elevation to Ni Dan in 2007, Leigh opened his own Dojo in Kenthurst with an inaugural class of forty students. Leigh has since elevated to the rank of San-dan, a strong & dedicated black belt who passes on his skills with his cheeky larrikin personality.

Chris Tuxford Chris Tuxford, Sensei. Helensburgh Dojo.

Introduced to martial arts by way of Goju Kai and Tae Kwon Do (1st Degree). Chris thrust himself into training at the Illawarra Dojo's with Graeme Kaicho, where he has since earned the rank of San Dan and the highest esteem of his peers along the way. Chris applies his disciplined approach to learning and training in his role as Sensei at his Dojo at Helensburgh NSW.

Anthony Rodziewicz

Anthony Rodziewicz, Sensei. Werrington Dojo.

Began training in 1986, under Shihan Tom Slaven at his Hombu in Kingswood, NSW.

A naturally talented martial artist with impeccable technique, "Rodgie" (as Tom called him) has continued to train in martial arts alongside Kaicho and was promoted to San Dan in October 2010.

By virtue of his achievements in the Dojo & on the tournament circuit, Rodgie's formidable speed & power have earned the highest esteem of the local martial arts community where he teaches at his Dojo in Penrith.

Graeme Sneddon Graeme Sneddon, Kaicho. Bulli Dojo.

Attended lessons in Judo in his hometown of Dreghorn, Scotland in 1979. Enrolled in Zen Chi Ryu in 1982 under Shihans Tom Slaven & John Duncan where he trained incessantly until branching out in 2002. Having gathered skills and knowldge from, but not limited to, Kyokushin, Thai Boxing and Kempo Karate, Graeme formulated his system of open-minded research in 2004 and in just five short years has generated a student body of some 250 students.


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